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Program Approach

Lack of resources that focus on social-emotional development for youth, personal care for all, commitment to community, and opportunity limits a person from attaining full health potential. We replace these barriers with foundations that will achieve health equity, eliminating disparities, and improve the health of the communities in Northwest Arkansas.

Our Approach is called "FEET ON THE STREET"  

We are community conscious and action-oriented, taking our programs into the under-resourced communities. Our task is to listen to conversations from children, individuals, family members that are in need of some type of support, we do whatever we can to bridge that gap. 

  • Light House Solutions
  • Dream Big Program
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 Xtreme Achievers is our arts and recreation program that promotes emotional wellness. This program includes exercise, creative art, music and recreation. All activities rejuvenate our young participants, boosting their mental and emotional health while they learn a new skill in our classes.  Our classes are in-person and virtual.   



L.I.F.E. Cycle Project is our health program that promotes personal wellness. This program teaches young teenage girls and women how-to live-in front of their health with no fear. We help improve the lives of individual's who live at or below the poverty line by promoting feminine wellness, providing menstrual hygiene education, resources to healthcare access, and through the distribution of period products.



Trails of Love is our resource for living program that promotes community wellness. We spread the love of emotional support to underserved communities, children, and their families in dire need of resources.  We help families through hunger relief programs, back to school drives, Thanksgiving meals, Christmas toy drives, utilities assistance and  Mediation/ Crisis Management.


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Teen Workforce Development program designed to assist students with exploring self-awareness, life eco-system, education, careers
and developmental skills necessary to make meaningful decisions about their life choices.

We use art
techniques to talent map individuals by charting skills and abilities.   


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