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Meet the Executive Director


Stacy Harper


The sign on Stacy Harper's storefront office on Sunbridge Drive in Fayetteville says "The Connector" in big, bold lettering -- and what an appropriate title that is. In her 11 years of community work, Harper -- the founder of the nonprofit Lighthouse Solutions -- has become proficient at meeting clients where they're at and connecting them with the resources they need to better their lives.

"We're bridging the gap between resources and the community," says Harper. "This area is resource-rich. But a lot of our people in Northwest Arkansas, Fayetteville, the state, don't know how to navigate the system to get to those resources. And so they get frustrated, and they tire out, mentally and emotionally. That's where I come in leading Light House Solutions. We can be that liaison. So I'm out here, and I'm listening to stories and listening to people's needs, wants, and desires, and I'm helping them navigate to the right resource."

Stacy Harper is an accomplished business owner, community leader, certified children’s fitness coach, writer/poet, actress, motivational speaker and youth advocate. She is single mother raising her 14 year old daughter. Ms. Harper’s motivation is helping children uncover their true genius by removing fear, anxiety, judgement and shame, something she struggled with as a child and young adulthood.

Since 2011, Stacy has been a social artist in GA, MD, VA and Washington DC using her nonprofit, Light House Solutions as way to tell her life story. Harper says, "When I'm listening to conversations from children, individuals, family members that are in need of some type of support, I do whatever I can to bridge that gap. We are on the street every day, and I think that's what keeps me going, to not give up in my battle of breast Cancer. Every day that I wake up, God is saying, 'It's your world --

what are you going to do with it today?'"


Light House Solutions is a local nonprofit organization helping to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and their families living in under-served and marginalized communities of Northwest Arkansas. We believe all children should have an equal opportunity at health and well-being therefore, we’re working to make that vision a reality. By pioneering innovative programs, we make an immediate difference in children’s lives while transforming the future. We are a vital part of the public, without Light House Solutions being woven into the fabric of the communities we would have not supported 80,000 people for 11years.


Our mantra is, ‘See a Need, Fill a Need.’

Our main focus is the overall wellbeing

of children, youth and teens.


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