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The Fitness & Sports Program

Helping Kids Overcome OBSTACLES!


XTreme Achievers is an exciting Fitness and Sports program that focus on the mental, physical and emotional development of our today's youth. I aim will be to uncover: Young Self-Starters, Inspiring Motivators & Academic Achievers.  Our Mission will be to provide a nurturing environment filled with fun fitness activities that will instruct children to identify and overcome tough Obstacles by not fearing failure.


Services are offered to boys and girls! We Customize Our sessions to meet Your School & Personal Needs..  We have classes for daycares pre-K, elementary, middle schoolers &  home schoolers..



Parents and Teachers watching a child struggle can be hard. Obstacles do not go away and children need to understand the art of overcoming. We Teach Lifeskills through Physical Ed. Our sports program will introduce fun and wacky obstacle courses to all participants. The courses are challenging,but will prepare every child for a day of exploring and learning through moving their bodies igniting  self-discovery!


We love task completion!Our Curriculum is very simple. We supply the train coach, equiment and music!  Your Coach will train you in the three elements of fitness: coordination, rhythm & balance. We will be your smart guide showing children how to start, continue and finish a task. 


Our  program is designed to become a practice field for kids to learn how to face obstacles, experience the emotion of an obstacle and face it with no fear. We are empathic compassionate educators that have been task to help kids around the world to build character, courage and will-power!

Conquering Obstacles

Through Fitness & Sports

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