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WORKST*R is a career assessment tool which accurately identifies one's "work personality." This includes identifying the true needs, motivations, challenges and potential of all individuals for the purpose of career satisfaction and personal growth. 

WORKST*R uses your accurate birth time as it utilizes HIPA (hormonal imprint personality analysis) to analyze seasonal energy patterns and their effect on the four major brain hormones (neurotransmitters) that have driven your personality and behavior patterns from your day of birth.

Using HIPA allows WORKST*R to obtain a 100% objective assessment of one’s true "work personality" and other important factors that contribute to being a successful employee with no long questionnaires! Simply fill in the short form below and submit to complete.



The 4 major brain hormones (neurotransmitters) that determine our core personalities are:
GABA (Dependable)
Dopamine (Drive)
Acetylcholine (Creativity)
Serotonin (Satisfaction).


Every single one of us has a distinct personality because the balance between the 4 major brain hormones is unique to every individual - just like our faces or fingerprints.  Our core personality is always just below the surface, silently driving our actions.


The balance of our 4 major brain hormones occurs at birth. That balance is structured by the impact of the earths seasonal energy fields on our bodies when we independently interact with them for the very first time.


Analyzing seasonal energy fields at time of birth reveals the unique imprint, allowing us to know your core personality and behaviors. HIPA is the key to the success of our matching the right employee to the right positions in the Workforce

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